Dyes and Felting

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“Spinners Haven” is very happy to introduce you to the art of dyeing – both commercial and natural and the world of felting.


Ashford carry a range of 12 dyes – Blue, Black, Brown, Emerald, Green, Hot Pink, Navy Blue, Purple, Rust, Scarlet, Teal and Yellow.   The dyes come in 10gm ($9.50 ea), 50gm (23.00 ea) or 250 gm (93.50 ea) pots, all with easy to follow instructions.  You will get the most amazing range of dyes – either as good, strong colours or an indefinite range using a colour wheel !!!  The results are amazing !!

Ashford also offer their dye pots in the following:

Introduction to Dyeing Kit – (NEW) – $63.90

Wool Dye Collection – 12 x 10 gm – $89.00 (a saving of $25.00)

Wool Dye Rainbow Collection – 3 x 10 gm – Scarlet, Blue, Yellow – $28.50

Individual 10 gm are $9.50 ea.

Wool Dye Rainbow Collection – 3 x 50 gm – Scarlet, Blue, Yellow – $67.50

ASHFORD DYES ARE SUITABLE FOR WOOL AND SILK.   Ashford Dyes do not have any fillers – they are pure dye.   Colours are strong and you will have the most amazing time mixing your colours to get very individual shades.

COLOUR CHARTS:   Colour Charts – $16.00 ea.

KRAFTKOLOUR  (Price Rise from 1st September – now $11.45 per 100gm Tub and $25.00 per 250 gm Tub – Spinners Haven offers a discount at Camps and to our regular customers). These dyes are suitable for wool and silk.

Kraftkolour offer a fantastic range of colours – 60 Shades in their Landscape Range of colours, 30 Shades in their Elements Range of colours and 24 in their new Seasons Range.

LANDSCAPES: Landscape Colours – Azalea, Bloodwood, Citrus, Chamomile, Clematis, Currawong, Cyclamen,  Desert Pea, Fern, Flax, Fuchsia, Galah, Grevillea, Ice, Kangaroo Paw, Kingfisher, Marine, Moss, Mountain Blue, Mustard, Night, Opal, Plum, Quarry, Rust, Sage, Salmon Gum, Sandstone, Sarsparilla, Sky, Sulphur Yellow, Tanbark, Tarragon, Wallaby, Wattle, Wild Raspberry.

SEASONS:  Tangerine, Tamarillo, Hyacinth, Lily, Mint, Iris, Bordeaux, Merlot, Smoke, Ginger, Cypress, Cocoa, Magnolia, Chilli, Indigo, Saffron, Bronze, Aspen, Mango, Lipstick, Sorbet, Lagoon, Splash and Sherbet.  (All new colours now in stock)

ELEMENTS: Element Colours:  Alfalfa, Apollo Bay, Barossa, Broome, Burnt Umber, Clay, Cloud Ears, Coral, Daintree, Dingo, Dusk, Granite, Heath, Kelp, Linchen, Maize, Mallee, Mist, Pacific, Pilbara, Red Ochre, Rye, Saltmarsh, Shell, Sugar Cane, Sun Orchid, Tasman, Waratah, Wheat, Wombat.

Landscapes are very bright colours, whilst Elements reflect the colours you could expect to get were you dying with natural dyes (i.e. plants, etc.).  To get a paler shade of any colour, just use less dye !!!   For example, if using “Galah” and you want “Baby Pink”, only use 1/8th of a teaspoon.  Remember:  the more dye, the stronger the colour.



Ashford offer a range of felting needles, in packs of 10 or 100.  (Smaller amounts can be arranged).

Medium 36 Gauge – $14.95 for 10;  $105.00 for 100

Coarse 32 Gauge – $14.95 for 10;  $86.00 for 100

Fine 40 Gauge – $15.95 for 10;  $134.50 for 100

Reverse Barb – $17.50 for 10;  $152.50 for 100

Spiral 36 Gauge – $15.95 for 10;  134.50 for 100

Star 38 Gauge – $19.50 for 10;  $164.50 for 100

Felting Needle Punch (incl 5 Medium Needles) – $37.00

Student Punch (incl 3 Medium Needles) – $15.50

Felting Board Oiled – $104.50

Needle Felting Starter Kit – $69.50

Needle Felting Kit – Beagle – $29.90

Needle Felting – Bugs – $10.90

Needle Felting Kit – Butterflies – $25.90

Needle Felting Kit – Flowers – $10.90

Needle Felting Kit – Kiwi – $15.50

Needle Felting Kit – Penguin – $15.50

Needle Felting Kit – Pukeko – $15.50

Needle Felting Kit – Rooster – $10.90

Needle Felting Kit – Seal – $15.50

Needle Felting Kit – Sheep – $10.90

Needle Felting Kit – Tui – $15.50

Needle Felting Kit – Christmas Special – $27.50