Kindly note that Ashford have discontinued the following lines:

  1.  SILKH1KG + SILKH50 – Silk Hankies
  2. WMSW – White Merino Superwash
  3. ADCC – Ashford Drum Carder Coarse – was discontinued in 2017 and there is no stock available.
  4. Loom stands and Treadle Kits – these two items have been separated and are now offered individually.
  5. Stands without Treadles now available:   TLS40 – Loom Stand 41 cm/16″;  TLS60 – Loom Stand 61cm/24″ and TLS80 – Loom Stand 80cm/32″.   TLTK Table Loom Treadle Kit fits all three (3) widths.


Note that Schacht has decided to discontinue the 10 treadle option for the 45″ Standard Floor Looms, and just offer the 45″ Standard Floor Loom with 12 treadles.  The change is effective immediately on all new orders placed after this date (2/8/2018).  Product numbers that are affected as follows:

FL3313, 3315, 3309, 3311, 3325, 3327, 3321 and 3323.