Richard & Elizabeth Ashford have just announced an annual award to encourage and support textile artists and help them to enjoy artistic freedom.  The award is designed to contribute to the development of the fibre arts or the education of future spinners, weavers, felters, knitters and dyers.   Valued at $5,000 NZ, the award can be used to purchase any Ashford equipment, fibre or yarns.  The award is open to everyone:  individuals, guilds/groups, aid agencies, non-government agencies………   Applications must be received by 1 March each year.  For details, criteria and application forms go to



  • Lilli Loom – 10″ x 15″ Frame – warp either 6 or 12 epi – detailed assembly and weaving instructions and a how-to video at – $59.00 US
  • Easel Weaver – Warp, Weave and Display in 3 compact sizes – 6″, 8″ and 10″.Its unique kickstand can be folded flat into the centre brace, folded out for comfortable weaving or extended for display. – $38, $41, $45 US respectively.

Lovely Finn>Romney/Corriedale fleeces have just arrived.   Only the best of the coated sheep – 1 Kg bags – $35.00 per Kg.  Colours – 4 x White,  1 of each of Light Grey, Variegated Grey, Fawn Moorit and Variegated Moorit.  A dream to spin !!!!

Latest white Superfine Merino tops at 17.5 micron – WONDERFUL to spin – 200 gms for $20.00

I have just obtained 2 sets ONLY of Earth Palette Dyes – each set contains the three primary colours – Red, Yellow, Blue – 57 gms per pot.  They each come with instructions for Cotton/Linen dyeing.  Each set is $21.40 plus postage where applicable.

I am very excited about the latest release from ASHFORD – their Weaving Starter Kits.  Ideal for those wanting to start to experience the joys of weaving, yet simple enough to take with you without the bulk of the larger looms.  They come in two (2) colourways – one in colours that remind me of snow (white, black, grey combinations) and one for the brightness of spring (maroon, blue, white, green, lime).  You can always design your own colourways !!!  The kits consist of a frame, weaving needle, 12 ply yarn, fibre, warp thread, dowel for hanging and warping and weaving instructions.  Everything for your first wall hanging !!   Finished size of your project is 24cm x 36 cm plus fringes – or try your own embellishments.  These kits retail at $85.00 each.

ASHFORD have just released their range of 10/2 and 5/2 mercerised cotton.

NE 10/2, is 1696m/1854 yds, 200 gm cones – $28.50 per cone

NE 5/2 is 848m/927 yds, 200 gm cones – $28.50 per cone

The colour range covers off white, pinks, blues, yellows, greens, browns, orange, reds, silver grey and black.


Schacht has just released the “Wolf Pup Double Back Beam”.  Now you have the added option of having two warps that can be separately tensioned for the Wolf Pup just like the Baby and Mighty Wolf.   The Beam comes in Maple and Recommended Retail Price is $285.00 US.   Please remember to provide the loom serial number to ensure proper fit for your loom.

15″ Cricket Looms – $310.00

10″ Cricket Looms now back in stock – $270.00

School Loom – $111.00

25″ Flip Loom incl 10 dent reed – $535.00

Flip Loom Carry Bag – $98.00

Tapestry Loom – 25″ – $223.00

A Frame Stand for Tapestry Loom – $97.00

Tapestry Bobbins (Set of 3) – $32.00 per set

SCHACHT have just introduced their “Flatiron” Spinning Wheel for either left-handed or right-handed spinners.  It has three styles – Scotch tension, Double Drive and Irish Tension;  is double treadle and takes all 5 whorls from very slow to super fast.

SCHACHT have announced the prototype of a new addition to the Wolf Loom Series – a Wolf Pup/Baby Wolf hybrid!!  With 8 harnesses and 10 treadles and a weaving width of 18″, this compact loom weaves likes the Baby Wolf with the size and portability of the Wolf Pup.   Price:  $2,100 US Dollars.  Availability:  Late November into December 2016.

ASHFORD BLENDING BOARD – Want to make felt easily?  Do you have a Blending Board?  Have a look at the Ashford Video and see how their dealer in Russia has come up with this unique way of making  felt !



VARI DENT REEDS – for 30cm Loom – $89.50;  for 50cm Loom – $109.00;  for 70cm Loom – $119.00

KNITTERS LOOMS – $335.00, 365.00 and $435.00 (Incl Carry bags) for the 12″, 20″ and 28″ Looms respectively.

SAMPLEIT LOOMS – $165.00 for the 8″ Sampleit Loom (now discontinued) and $175.00 for the 10″ Sampleit Looms

TABLE LOOMS – 4 Shaft – $975.00;  $955.00 and $1,025.00 for the 16″, 24″ and 32″ respectively.

TABLE LOOMS – 8 Shaft – $945.00;   $1,025.00;  $$1,095.00 for the 16″, 24″ and 32″ respectively.


“Spinners Haven” is now a dealer for Strauch products – if you are interested in purchasing these quality products, please let me know. Brochures available.

DVD’s – Limited supply of popular Interweave Videos now available – $15.00 each plus postage.

1.  The Gentle Art of Plying – Judith MacKenzie;  2.  Big & Lofty Yarns – Maggie Casey;  3.  Combing Fiber – Robin Russo;  4.  In Praise of Simple Cloth – Rita Buchanan; 5.  Color and Yarn Design for Spinners – Deb Menz;  6.  Spinning Silk – Sara Lamb; 7. Spinning for Lace – Margaret Stove;  8. Spin to Weave – Sara Lamb

CHEESES ARE BACK !!!!  Merino Cheeses are now back in stock.  Quick and easy – no preparation except to put the “spin” into the fibre.  Very popular for that quick “spin-up” – various weights available.

Spinners Haven is now carrying a limited range of carded cotton ready for spinning – Aussie Pima – similar to Egyptian Cotton (long staple – natural colour) and Aussie Cotton (shorter staple – white in colour).  All Australian grown and processed !! If you are looking for some quality cotton to spin please check availability as supply is seasonal.

Ashford are now carrying a range of Merino 70%/Alpaca 30% combination fibres – lovely colours – $12.25 per 100 gm or $91.75 kg.

Ashford have released their new Blending Board.  Now you can get the finest rolags which are a dream to spin and you can make the most incredible colour combinations – so simple and easy!!! – $222.50.

Ashford are pleased to announce the release of the new Country Spinner 2 which includes a 3 speed bobbin that allows the spinner freedom to spin an even wider range of bulky yarns.  It is easily assembled on a sturdy frame, double treadle and sensitive tension adjustment.  This new Spinner retails at $845.00 (Natural);  $985.00 (Lacquered).  All enquiries welcome.

Angelina Fibre – great enhancement to your spinning process where a lovely delicate shine is required to enhance your yarn.    5 gm – $3.50.

Colours available:

Cobalt, Watermelon, Calypso Blue, Gold, Silver, Deep Green, Pink, Sugar Plum, Blue Pearl, Sugar Plum, Gold Pearl, Silver Iris and Yellow.

New Range of Opal Sock Yarn now in – $18.00 per 100 gm Ball (One ball makes one pair of socks).

New Ashford JOY 2 spinning wheel – Double Treadle with Carry Bag – $915.00

Ashford Wider Knitters Loom – 28″ – Retails for $435.00 (Incl Carry Bag combo – Stand $185.00

Schacht “Zoom Loom” – small portable loom for testing out larger projects or making small items – $60.00 – may vary with value of Aussie Dollar.


Here is a little loom you can easily take anywhere with you. The 18” weaving width is ideal for workshops and for all those other narrow projects. We’ve used the same sturdy X-frame, bolt and barrel-nut construction for our Wolf Pup looms as we use for our other Wolf Looms. The Wolf Pup folds up to a depth of only 16 inches. The attached wheels automatically engage when the loom is in the folded position. The Wolf Pup weighs just 38 pounds and can be sent via UPS.

Schacht Variable dent reed for Flip and Cricket Looms – SL2160 – 10″ Cricket Loom Reed –  includes 2 x 5 dent sections, 2 x 8 dent sections, 2 x 10 dent sections, 2 x 12 dent sections – $65.00

SL2161 – 15″ Cricket / Flip Looms Reeds –   includes 4 x 5 dent sections, 4 x 8 dent sections, 3 x 10 dent sections, 3 x 12 dent sections – $85.00

SL2162 – 20″ Flip Loom Reeds – includes 6 x 5 dent sections, 4 x 8 dent sections, 4 x 10 dent sections, 4 x 12 dent sections – $105.00

SL2163 – 25″ Flip Loom Reeds – includes 8 x 5 dent sections, 8 x 8 dent sections, 5 x 10 dent sections, 5 x 12 dent sections – $125.00

“Now you can mix and match dents in your Flip or Cricket Loom with our new Variable Dent Reed.  An assortment of rigid heddle reed sections in a variety of dents can be inserted into our special rigid heddle frame for different setts in the same reed.  The Variable Reed is a great tool for creating different densities in a fa

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